Yeshivas Kayitz Lamasmidim Morristown - ישיבת קיץ מאריסטאון

The success of the learning program at YSP had very visible results this summer, as close to the end of the seven weeks more than 120 Talmidim gathered together in the presence of Rabbi Moshe Herson, Executive Director of the RCA, and Rabbi Mendel Goldberg, director of YSP, to be tested thoroughly on the Gemara curriculum, consisting of Prek Lulav V’arava of Maseches Sukka, which they had learned entirely off by heart.
Rabbi Asher Oster, resident YSP Rosh Yeshiva for the past six years, spot tested the Talmidim that had achieved such an amazing effort, and, together with Rabbi Herson and Rabbi Goldberg, presented each of the Talmidim with their very own complete set of Shas.

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