Yeshivas Kayitz Lamasmidim Morristown - ישיבת קיץ מאריסטאון

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Over the years, YSP has received some direct unique instructions from the Rebbe. Years ago, Rabbi Gordon (YSP’s founder) was in Yechidus, and the Rebbe instructed him to makeFull Story
The success of the learning program at YSP had very visible results this summer, as close to the end of the seven weeks more than 120 Talmidim gathered together in the presence of Full Story
The YSPorts League came to a climax yesterday as the two finalists of the season faced off against one another in the Championship Game. The teams of Atoh Vechartanu and Vi’hi SheoFull Story
More hands-on learning in YSP! This time, Talmidim learned in class how to tie the Kesher for the Tefillin Shel Rosh, and how to adjust it to make it smaller or larger. Click Here Full Story
The first nine days of the Hebrew month of Av, culminating with the fast of Tisha Beav, observed on the date when both Holy Temples were destroyed, are the blackest days on the JewFull Story
  Click Here to view the GalleryFull Story
Today, Tisha Beav, YSP had the honor of having Mr. Ed Mosberg, a survivor of the Holocaust, come and speak to the Talmidim about his experiences, and how he lived through and surviFull Story
YSP, famous for its intense sports program, offers Volleyball, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Football, and Basketball, to name just a few options. 🏐 ⚽ ⚾ 🏒 🏈 🏀 Click below to view the tFull Story