Yeshivas Kayitz Lamasmidim Morristown - ישיבת קיץ מאריסטאון


The general goal of YSP is to make the transition from elementary to Yeshivah a smooth one for each and every Talmid that passes through it’s doors. We could theoretically be very happy with things running in the natural order of things, Talmidim having an excellent time, both ברוחניות through preparing themselves for the rigorous study schedule awaiting them in מתיבתא, As well as בגשמיות giving them a fun and enjoyable summer which they will – literally – remember for the rest of their lives.

However, here in YSP we go further, constantly trying to strive and improve our program we are always thinking of new ways to make the high standard of YSP even higher. In a Yeshivas Kayitz founded on the principals of the Rebbe and functioning according to his guidelines we felt we could increase a major aspect, the aspect of Chassidishkeit, by adding some sort of program that would make a Talmid who does Chitas or Rambam feel different, more elite, something that would make a Talmid talk animatedly over dinner about the Video of the Rebbe he watched yesterday alongside the highlight of that day’s basketball game.


Mission Statement:

This was the goal we set out to accomplish when founding Mivtzah Back2Basics: To encompass all Chassidishe Inyonim that a Talmid should be doing throughout his day/week that do not go under the category of demanded, but should be fulfilled by a Chassidisher Bochur, and reward him for them accordingly. This system – like all aspects of YSP – would cater to Talmidim on all varieties of levels, including the smart, shvach, lazy and active, each would feel like they have a certain category that they can excel in.


The Program:

The incentive program for Mivtzah Back2Basics is based on a very simple and every-day concept (as is befitting for older Talmidim – not a childish program). It is based on the normal currency system that we deal with every day: Money, or in our case: Bloteh.

Every Talmid has an account in to which all of his “Bloteh” is deposited automatically. Balances are posted on a daily basis on the Back2Basics bulletin board. A Talmid can buy anything that he fancies (as long as he has enough Bloteh) from “The Kretchmeh” during open hours.


Earning “Bloteh”:

A Talmid can earn Bloteh through a variety of different actions throughout his day, week and summer:


  • Going to Mikvah in the morning before Chassidus
  • Being present by Tanya Shiur given each morning at 7:40 prior to Chassidus
  • Davening Shacharis “vi a Mentsch”
  • Bentching with a Hat+Jacket
  • Answering the Question of the day by placing his answer in the box
  • Being present by Chitas Shiur given every day at 2:30 during Rest-Period
  • Being present by Rambam Shiur given every day at 7:30 during Dinner



  • Going to the Mikvah on Erev Shabbos
  • Finishing Shnayim Mikrah before the meal on Shabbos Afternoon
  • Utilizing 85% of the time allotted for TBP on Shabbos afternoon (even if not finishing the quota)
  • Answering 4/5 questions correct on weekly Video Quiz on Moitzei Shabbos (on the videos of the Rebbe watched during the week)
  • Answering 4/5 questions correct on weekly Tanya Quiz on Moitzei Shabbos
  • Answering 4/5 questions correct on weekly Chumash Quiz on Motzei Shabbos
  • Answering 4/5 questions correct on weekly Rambam Quiz on Moitzei Shabbos



  • Taking a proper Hat+Jacket on a Trip so as to Daven to Hashem properly
  • Learning Perek Mem Alef before Davening every day
  • Reading the Chassidishe Maases booklet at his leisure and answering the questions at the conclusion
  • Filling out the Pirkei Avos Biiyun Sheet when published
  • Completing Tehillim on Shabbos Mevorchim


Spending “Bloteh”:

Once a Talmid has earned Bloteh he may purchase items from the “Kretchmeh”. Open hours of “The Kretchmeh” are: every evening from 9:30pm till 10:00pm.

  • Back2Basics T-Shirts = 150 Bloteh
  • Back2Basics Mikvah Set = 250 Bloteh
  • Back2Basics PJs
  • Back2Basics Tzedaka Pouch
  • Back2Basics Perek Mem Alef Card
  • Back2Basics Krias Shema Card
  • Back2Basics Brochos Booklet
  • Pass to Farbrengen = 120 Bloteh
  • Invitation to a Bloteh Function = 150 Bloteh (Functions: “It’s Showtime!” (Salad Bar, Gameshow), “Behind the Scenes @ YSP” (Sushi, Behind the Scenes Panel), “A Return To Kluger” (Ice Cream Bar, Kluger)