Yeshivas Kayitz Lamasmidim Morristown - ישיבת קיץ מאריסטאון

During the Summer:

  • I'd like to call my son, what numbers can I call to get in touch with him?

    There are multiple phones located throughout the RCA grounds, one near Tiferes, one in the vending area near the Zal, and one on each of the Dormitory floors. Click here for number, however there is no guarantee that you will be able to get hold of your son. If there is an urgent matter you need to convey to your son, we suggest E-mailing his counselor who will have him call home.
  • I know my son has a busy schedule, what time is good to call him?

    On a normally scheduled day, (i.e. no trip, color war, etc.) there are 3 breaks during which תלמידים have "free" time, during lunch (2:00-3:00), Dinner (7:00-8:00) and before Lights-Out (9:30-10:15).
  • My son's birthday is coming up, what can we do to make his day a special one?

    A birthday in YSP is a special occasion, a time to make a פארברענגען, say over a מאמר, and take on החלטות טובות. As a rule, the YSP staff consults the birthday registry on a regular basis, preparing for each one in advance, according to the הוראות of the Rebbe, preparing a פארברענגען etc. However it is a good idea to send a reminder to his מגיד שיעור just to make sure we don't forget. You can contact your son's מגיד שיעור via the Email our Staff section at the top of the page.

    Many parents enjoy sending a Cake to their son in honor of this momentous occasion and there is a fairly simple process to do this at YSP.

    More details about this can be found on our Send my Son a Birthday Party page.
  • How does the E-mail process work? If I send an E-mail to my son via when will he receive it?

    It is very important to consult the Counselor List to make sure that you put the right Counselor in the form while sending an E-mail. All E-mails received via the web-site are printed at the end of each day, right before Maariv, schedule permitting. They are distributed amongst the Talmidim following Maariv. On Fridays they are printed around 3pm and given out as the Talmidim are preparing for Shabbos. Remember! Delivery is free, the positive effect is priceless.
  • How can I send a letter or a package to my son?

    All post should be made out to "Name of Talmid, Rabbinical College of America, c/o YSP, 226 Sussex Ave. Morristown NJ 07960". Fed-Ex, UPS as well as USPS deliver directly to the RCA main office. Please bear in mind that in NJ post does not get delivered on Shabbos or Sunday. All post is delivered to the main office of the RCA and is picked up by YSP staff around 2pm, and is then distributed to the Talmidim throughout the course of that same day.
  • I sent a package to my son a little while ago, when I track it, it says 'delivered', but my son says he never received it?

    The RCA is a very large campus and although on a general basis there is a meticulous system in place to route all packages to their proper recipients, it is possible that your son’s package got misplaced somewhere along the way. Don’t worry, it may take an extra day or two, but it’ll get to him very soon.
  • How much spending money should I send with my son? Where can he keep it?

    We recomend $50 for the summer, which will enable your son to spend a few dollars on each trip. Your son may give his money, and any other valuables he has, to his counsellor, who will securely hold it for him and return it to him on trips, and when he needs it. In the event that you son runs out of money...
  • My son needs more spending money, is there any way I can send him cash in a safe-and-secure fashion?

    It’s rare, but sometimes the spending money you sent with your son turns out to be insufficient. In this case, we at YSP want you to be able to send your son that extra pocket change. This can be done via PayPal, or mailing a Check. It is imperitive that you note your son's name on the PayPal page, to ensure that he actually receives the money.
  • When is Visiting Day? Where can I find more information such as directions, good places to go, etc.?

    Visiting Day this summer 2017/5777 is on Sunday the 29th of Tammuz - July 23. There will be a post on the website with complete information such as directions, things to do, discounts at local shops etc. posted in the news section of closer to this date.
  • How much is normal to tip a staff member?

    At YSP we believe in a standard of quality. From the planning of the trips, to the choice of end-of-summer Seforim prizes, everything is done to ensure that your son has a perfect experience. The staff are no different. The staff at YSP work extremely hard, both before, as well as throughout the summer to give your son the once-in-a-lifetime experience he deserves, and the quality summer all have come to know called YSP. It is customary to tip both the counselor and the מגיד שיעור. We recommend a tip of $30 per staff member.
  • I won’t be able to make it to YSP for Visiting Day, can I tip my son’s staff online?

    Sure, we wouldn’t want your son’s staff to feel under-appreciated; you may tip them online, just Click Here.
  • I'd like to refill my son's canteen bill, is there any way I can do that remotely in a safe-and-secure fashion?

    Sure. The canteen at YSP is a third-party business run by one of the Yungerlait here in Morristown. He has a simple and intuitive website set up just for this purpose. Please visit Morristown Canteen to add money to your son's account. Be sure to let your son know!

    You can find more details about the canteen on it's appropriate page under the "Send My Son..." tab at the top of this page.
  • How does the Laundry process work in YSP?

    In YSP, Talmidim are prepped for Yeshiva both physically, and spiritually. Every Friday, Talmidim are given the opportunity to do their very own laundry. Laundry typically costs $5 - $10 each week, and does not include detergent. Your son may purchase detergent at the laundrymat, or he may bring his own. Our competent staff have experience with many types of washing machines, and will give your son a full crash course on how to operate the machines, enabling them to have a worry free Yeshiva life, knowing that they can master any laundry machine that a Yeshiva will throw at them.
  • Can my son bring a Sandwhich Maker or a Refrigerator?

    The RCA has a very strict fire policy, and is subject to frequent inspections by the Fire Department, and Health Department. The FDNJ does not allow for any appliances (excluding fridges) to be used throughout the campus, and have be known to confiscate these items in the past. Therefore, we do not allow them in YSP. We do not recommend bringing a refrigerator to YSP, but if your son so wishes, he may, however we cannot take any responsibility for it.
  • What does the cost of the Halacha Sefer for YSP include?

    The Halacha Sefer, which was custom made and produced for YSP is an integral part of the learning program. Together with the Sefer, your purchase includes the necessary supplies for the Talmidim to learn how to Make their own Tzitizis, as well as learning how to Make their own Tefillin knots.

Before the Summer:

  • When does YSP start? What sort of transportation is provided by YSP?

    YSP provides transportation from Crown Heights to Morristown at the beginning of the summer, and back at the conclusion. If you live in any other location you are responsible for your son's transportation, whether to Crown Heights, or directly to Morristown. The Yeshivas Kayitz begins אי"ה, on Wednesday, 4 Tammuz / June 28, 2017, and ends on Wednesday (evening), 24 Av / August 16, 2017. The buses to Morristown will leave from Montgomery and Kingston at 2:15pm; loading is at 1:30pm SHARP!
  • My son has an iPod, what are the rules? Can he bring it with him to YSP? Are there specific requirements?

    In order to ensure a Yiddishe & Chassidishe summer, and in response to many requests by parents of Talmidim in YSP, we request your assistance in ensuring that the content loaded on your son's music player is appropriate for every Talmid in YSP to listen to. Our suggestion based on past years is that music players are not needed and should not be brought. Talmidim without music players, in addition to developing socially, experienced fun and exciting summers. However if your choice is that your son brings a music player, it can only be done providing the following conditions are met: A. The video section must remain empty of ANY type of videos. No Exceptions! B. The loaded Jewish artists (singers) are eidel and appropriate for a Talmid. C. The “Student Letter & Music Player Registration form” is filled out completely. D. All music on the music players/iPods will be subject to counselor’s approval.
  • YSP seems different from other camps, where can I find a Packing List, Seforim List, and ideas for what to send with my son?

    You're right, YSP is likely more Yeshivah-like than many other summer-programs your son has been to, as such there are specific things you may want to brush up on so as not to forget them when packing your son for the summer. The Packing List, Seforim List, as well as other important information can be found under the Camp Info tab at the top-right corner of this site. There are also links to sites online where you can by some of the (more important) items.