Yeshivas Kayitz Lamasmidim Morristown - ישיבת קיץ מאריסטאון


At YSP we take pride in staying up to date with technology, to ensure that our Talmidim and our parents have an experience as smooth and seamless as possible. We always put specialFull Story


Thursday saw the Talmidim of YSP enjoy a day of rollercaosting around Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park, which boasts the worlds tallest rollercoaster, amongst a host of othFull Story


In honor of Yud Beis-Yud Gimmel Tammuz, the anniversary of the redemption of the Frierdiker Rebbe, Rabbi Velvel Butman came to YSP to Farbreng with the Talmidim. Rabbi Butman told Full Story